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We Thinkers for Preschools and Daycares

We Thinkers for Preschools and Daycares

we thinkers


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Speech and Language Works is happy to announce a unique program to your preschool called, “We Thinkers”, from the Social Thinking Program. The curriculum is designed to help

The “We Thinkers” program is available on Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings or Thursday afternoons at a

young learners develop the tools they need to be flexible social thinkers. Children will learn about the social mind, social expectations, their own thinking and thoughts of others to help make better decisions when in the midst of social play and social interaction.

We Thinkers program will cover the following topics: • Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings
• The Group Plan
• Thinking with Your Eyes

• Body in the Group
• Whole Body Listening
• Hidden Rules and Expected and Unexpected Behaviours • Smart Guesses
• Flexible and Stuck Thinking
• Size of the Problem

Children will participate in small and large groups and be emerged in a series of social and play experiences to help build their communication, social interaction, self-regulation and play skills. Children will learn and develop skills through books, music, fun activities and games.

cost of $60 per visit.

“The 4-6 year old students at Medicine Hat Montessori Preschool participated in We Thinkers weekly during the school year. It was a great learning tool for the children to help them think through problems, not feel so overwhelmed when dealing with emotions and extend their vocabulary when dealing with peers and social situations.

Mrs. Dola kept the children interested through a variety of activities and the stories associated with the program reinforced the concepts and vocabulary from the program.

This was an excellent addition to our program and we look forward to participating in the program again next year.” – Christine Weimer