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New toy selections from our locally owned stores

New toy selections from our locally owned stores

Store Name: Games Galore & the Billiard Store
General Manager: Pat Carroll, Hollie Carroll
#105, 1865 Dunmore Road S.E. 403-526-7213
Email: gamesgaloremh@telus.net
Open Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.

1. Magna Puzzle 3D – $13.99 ages 4+

Very cool twist on a puzzle. It has a 3D effect so it is great for the “next step up” from simple 12/24 piece puzzles. It is magnetic so the pieces can be played on a refrigerator, dishwasher, ect. Available in Dinosaur, wolf, dolphin, moose and tiger scenes.

2. Rhyme Thyme Card Game – $12.99 ages 4+

Can use these cards in various ways. For the older children, play as per the rules. For younger children, lay out a few cards at a time, have the child name one and then try to find the “rhyming” card. As you go through each card, you can ask what is it, where does it live, who would have one etc.

3. Midnight Safari Puzzle (comes with 3D glasses) – $17.99 ages 6+

Very cool twist on a floor puzzle. There are hidden ABC’s and 123’s once you complete this puzzle. You have to wear your 3D glasses in order to find them. Lots of things to name, talk about and find. Would be great for 3+ with adult help.

4. Create Your Own Puzzle – $15.99 ages 3+

If you trust your child with crayons/pencil crayons/felt pens then they can do this puzzle at any age. The puzzle is a blank slate precut into puzzle pieces. This allows the child to “draw/color” absolutely anything their heart desires. There is no “wrong way” to color this puzzle. When they are finished, they can “tell you all about it”, take it apart and put it together again. Wonderful tool for self expression, increased vocabulary, imaginative play and just “doing their own thing” .

5. Jumping Frogs Game – $7.99 ages 3+

Very simple game that anyone can play. Colorful frogs comes with a bucket that you have to try and make them “hop” into. Can also use the frogs for sequencing, color matching, color grouping, following directions (first the yellow, then the red frog).

6. Catan Jr. -$38.99 –  6+ – Good Family Game

This is a game for those children who need a bit more challenge in their games. The approximate play time is 30 minutes. Good game for developing problem solving strategies, following specific directions, thinking ahead of what will be needed to win. Will require an adult to help learn the game.

Store Name:  Education Emporium
President and CEO: E.A. (Beth) Berard
323 North Railway St. S.E.
Email: eaberard@telusplanet.net
Open Monday – Friday 9:30 am-5:00 , Saturday 10:30 am – 4:00

1. Language Arts Learning Games – $27.00 ages Pre-K – Grade 2

4 complete games with Rhymes/Sequencing/Beginning Sounds/Letter Recognition.

2. Various “Melissa & Doug” Puzzles (Wood/Magnetic)

A really nice variety of almost any puzzle you would be looking for: Princess/Fireman/Sports Girl/Colors/Shapes/Transportation/Dinosaurs/Musical Instruments ect.

3. Picture Rhyme Game – $10.99 ages 4+

This is a really easy game to play to introduce the concept of what Rhymes. Lots of opportunity to name items in the house, seek and find items, rhyme the card to the item in the house or just use it as a “find the match” game.

4. Memory Match Game – $10.99 ages 4+

Very popular game with preschoolers. Can use it for categories, matching, naming, associations, describing and What Doesn’t Belong?

Store Name: Engaging Minds For Learning
Owners/operators: Jen & Lyn Sabourin
Ross Glen Business Park (kitty corner to Petland)
#10, 3307 Dunmore Road, S.E.
Open: Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

1. Rainbow Color Cones (My First Color Game) – $21.99 ages 3+

(currently none at store but look on their website for this product)
Great game for learning colors, sequencing, following directions & turn taking.

2. Monkeying Around –  $19.49 ages 4+

Who doesn’t like playing with monkeys? This game can teach colors, lengths (short/long/shorter/longer), sizes (big/small), up/down, following directions (put him next to the red one) and strategies for learning how to balance one side with the other side (so you don’t lose!)

3. Peg & Layer Jungle – $23.49 ages 3+

Neat game for stacking, sorting and fine motor movements. Can also incorporate learning prepositions (over/under/up/down/top/bottom/beside/behind) as you play along with your young ones.

4. Howie’s Owie – $25.99 ages 3+

Wonderful game to help child name parts of the body. Play “Simon Says” and have the child place the bandages on those parts named. This game can also be used as a “barrier game” for following instructions. Eg: you have one side showing Howie and the child is on the other side showing another Howie. Ask child to place bandages on various areas of the body then check to see if they are correct.

5. Ruff’s House – $38.99 ages 3+

This is an excellent game to help a child name and explore different textures. Increases vocabulary through touch, sight and description of what they are feeling.

6. Basic Skills for Early Learning (File Folder Games to Go) – $23.49 ages Pre Kindergarten – Grade 2


Store Name: Bumbleboo *Baby*Mommy*Kids
Owner/Operators: Lyndsay & Cam McCarty
107, 266 4th. Street S.W.
Open: Monday – Friday 10:00-5:30, Saturday 10:00- 4:00

1. My Little Mailbox & My Little Salon Role Play Toys – $30.00-35.00 ages 18 months +

Really fun cloth items that allow a child to explore, imagine, pretend and engage with others through everyday routines.

2. Pirates Of The Tub – $26.00 ages 3+

Love these items! You can use them in the tub, out of the tub, while traveling ect. Foam pieces that float, stick to surfaces while child is using their imagination, talking, and exploring different scenarios as they play.

3. Rapido Game – $28.00 ages 3+

This is a very unique game. You can play as per the rules or you can use as a sequence game, learning colors, following simple directions.  Also helps eye hand coordination.

4. Infantino Floor Puzzle – $20.00 ages 3+

Counting and shapes.

5. Spin & Match – $20.00 ages 1-3 years

Simple first game of matching colors and patterns.

6. Stormy Seas – $40.00 ages 3+

Game of learning balance, cause and effect, promotes interaction with others through language.