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NEW!! Social Group…

NEW!! Social Group…


Social Groups

Making friends is an important part of childhood. To make a friend and keep a friend requires social participation which is sometimes difficult. Social participation requires awareness of our own thoughts, feelings and areas of interest, self-management of emotions and behaviors and awareness of another’s perspective and interests.
Does your child struggle in one or more of these areas? If so, this group is aimed at supporting children who want to learn, interact and make friends in a supportive therapeutic environment.
We will facilitate opportunities to build social skills and promote friendships through the use of activities like board games, baking, crafts, cooperative games and more.

Drop in is available at $20/session or sign up for the full 6 weeks for $100.

For Grades 1-3
4:00-4:45pm Thursdays starting January 12 to February 16th

Call today for more details and to see if this group is right for your child

#3, 675 3rd Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0H4