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Local Stores Offer Lots of Options for Toys and Educational Materials

Local Stores Offer Lots of Options for Toys and Educational Materials

Store Name: Games Galore & the Billiard Store
General Manager: Pat Carroll, Hollie Carroll
#105, 1865 Dunmore Road S.E. 403-526-7213
Email: gamesgaloremh@telus.net
Open Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Has some unique games that will not be found elsewhere:

1. “The Berenstain Bears – Learn To Share Game” – $31.99  ages 4 +

This is a social/pragmatic themed game which comes with The Berenstain Bear Figurines as well as a board game. Shows younger children (and older ones) how to share, interact with others, problem solve, role play as well as color and shape recognition.

2. “Brain Box – My First ABC” – $21.99   ages 4 +

This is a memory game which helps with associations, naming, color/counting/Alphabet/shapes recognition, Articulation sounds and could also do prepositions and Wh? as well.

3. Marvel Heroes Zingo Bingo Game – $24.99  ages 4 -8

Every child loves Zingo Bingo and this is just an added twist by adding in the Marvel Super Heroes. Excellent way to get a child talking about his/her favorite Super Hero, telling what they do, who the bad guys are ect. Could also do some naming, matching, WH?, turn taking.

4. Dominoes Cards – $10.99  ages 3+

These come in 4 different themes: Ocean, Dinosaurs, Farm and Safari. Great for matching, sequencing, associations, categories, describing, making different sounds, and naming items.

5. Professor Noggin’s Card Games: These are for older children – 7 years +

Each card game is a specific theme: space, farm, pets, ancients, etc. There are hard questions and easier questions which are very specific and more “factual based” than just a “win the game.”

Store Name: Education Emporium
President and CEO: E.A. (Beth) Berard
323 North Railway St. S.E.
Email: eaberard@telusplanet.net
Open Monday – Friday 9:30 am-5:00 , Saturday 10:30 am – 4:00

Lots of wonderful toys, educational props, puzzles, hands on games and items for younger children and upwards. Has some “Melissa and Doug” games, items as well.

1. “Get Up And Go Games” – $30.99 – ages 4+

Three different types of games. These are good gross motor games that gets a child moving. Includes “Puppy Pursuit, Funny Frog, Block Balancing Game, Sandwich Stacking.” You probably would need some space to play two of these games (puppy and Frog) but the others can be used anywhere. The “Sandwich Stacking Game” can be used for following directions, naming, sorting, sequencing, memory, auditory skills as well as just have fun.

2. “Bingo” (replica of “Zingo Bingo”) – $9.99 – 4 years+

Kids love this game! Naming, associations, WH?, functions, turn taking, matching.

3. “Lacing & Tracing” – Pets & Sealife – $9.99
4. “Cranium Matching Madness” – $16.75 – ages 5+

Match shapes, patterns, numbers and colors.

Store Name: Engaging Minds For Learning
Owners/operators: Jen & Lyn Sabourin
Ross Glen Business Park (kitty corner to Petland)
#10, 3307 Dunmore Road, S.E.
Open: Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

This store has almost everything you need for any age group. They have a great selection of Social and Pragmatic material as well as Occupational Therapy associated materials.

1. “Kimochis (pronounced “Kee mooch ee”) Emotion Characters” – $32.99 – ages 3+

Each character comes with 3 “feelings manipulatives.” Cloud deals with Anger, Bug deals with afraid of change/learn to be brave, Huggs is different than others/personal space issues, Cat is bossy, Bella rose is shy/sensitive and Dove deals with others being different.

Kimochis is Japanese for “feelings” and this is exactly how these characters work with children. You can use the different characters for a range of emotions/feelings. You also can buy the individual “feelings” manipulatives for $2.99 each or a set of 6 for $15.99.

2. “Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game” – $25.99 – ages 3+

Wonderful, different game that enhances fine motor skills as well as matching, turn taking, naming, sharing. Can enhance questions of where, what, when, why.

3. “Avalanche Fruit Stand Game” – $24.99 – ages 3+

A really neat way to learn your Fruit names! And have fun at the same time! This game can incorporate naming, color recognition, matching, fine motor and turn taking. Also can encourage questions related to various fruit.

4. “Turtle Shells – First Memory Game” – $19.99 – ages 3+

These cute little turtles can be used in various ways: as the game intends, a compliment to Dr. Seuss’s book “Yertle the Turtle” (pragmatics/social awareness), stacking, color recognition, sequencing, following directions, memory, first/next/last ect.

Store Name: Bumbleboo *Baby*Mommy*Kids
Owner/Operators: Lyndsay & Cam McCarty
107, 266 4th. Street S.W.
Open: Monday – Friday 10:00-5:30, Saturday 10:00- 4:00

This is a really unique store for infants, toddlers and preschoolers as well as for parents, grandparents and any member of the family. They have a good selection of toddler and preschooler books, hand puppets and different “pretend play” items.

1. “Ring Flash Cards” – $12.00 – ages 3+

Focusing on basic concepts like colors, shapes & counting

2. “Mr. Men Emotion/Feelings Book Set” – $30.00 set of 10 books – ages toddler +
3. “Magnetic Design Sets” – $15.00 – ages 3+

Funny Faces & Car Crazy

4. “Vinyl Stickers Play Scenes” – $13.00 – ages 3+

Around Town, Construction Sites, Pirates & At The Zoo

5. “5 in 1 Boy/Girl Body Puzzle” – $25.00 – ages 4+

This is almost like a 3D puzzle where you can take apart the body from the skin down to the skeleton, or build it up from the skeleton and upwards. Very interesting and scientific yet great puzzle about what is in our bodies.

6. “Caterpillar to Butterfly Puzzle” – $25.00 – ages 3+

Similar to the body puzzle but goes through the growth cycle of caterpillars to butterflies. Also has a “Tadpole to Frog” puzzle.

7. “Scrambled Feelings Eggspressions” – $25.00 – ages 2+

Comes with a booklet about feelings, working together and problem solving.

8. “Munching Frogs Dart Game” – $22.00 – ages 3+